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Looks like good Quattro Concept by Audi

“Please, slow down,” Peter says calmly as we cut through the . The central screen on the high- of the Audi quattro Concept shows 48 , or just over 29 mph.
Is he serious?!









“Okay, sounds good,” I reply.
A quick downshift into second gear and a dab of the touchy 15-inch carbon ceramics turns our into a near crawl. The wrist slap lasts only seconds, though. A short uphill straight resides ahead, and my urge to go faster can’t be ignored.

My lowers to send the 408-horsepower turbocharged inline-five cylinder heart past 4000 rpm, and the mill immediately responds with the deep, offbeat rumble only a healthy straight-five can make. Every sound echoes through the barren carbon-fiber cocoon. With each lull between gear changes comes a delicious -like WHOOOOOSH!!!! from the wastegate. Upshifting shoves us back into the carbon-fiber buckets as torque and speed increase.


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